There are thousands of photography sites on the web and there is certainly no shortage of beautiful images. With today's equipment and materials almost anyone can make a technically competent photograph. The only unique thing of value photographers have to offer is their vision.  Ideally, an image should be a distillation of the photographer's own impressions and interpretations and not a mere record shot.

For the most part, I have tried to select images for inclusion in these portfolios that contain subject matter unfamiliar to most viewers. Because I enjoy reading titles, captions and explanations when viewing images made by others, I have included them with mine. Text doesn't take long to load and, of course, can easily be skipped.

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Abandoned Farmhouse
Places Portfolio
Mesquite Fork
Saltfork Portfolio
Saltfork Slough
Badlands Portfolio
Woman on Hwy One
 Glimpses Portfolio
Handtinted Portfolio
Blue Canyon
Canyons Portfolio

Chiaroscuro Portfolio
Angel with Broken Wing
Recent Work
More recent work can be seen in the photoLog.

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