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The following are available in a Microsoft Excel workbook:  (Contains no macros)

  • Depth of Field Calculator for all focal lengths and formats including digital.

  • Filter Factor to f/stops calculator (1 to 3 filters) table of full and fractional f/stops, and filter factors of commonly used filters.

  • Mat border calculator--calculates mat borders to place window at absolute center or optical center.

  • Lens Information--Angle of view for user selected focal length and format and focal length equivalents of user selected formats that provide the same angle of view as user selected 35mm focal length.

  • Conversion calculator of commonly used distance and temperature measurements and calculator for bellows factor and f/stop adjustment.

  • Table of EV to f/stop and shutter speed.
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    General Photographic Technique
    Tool Description Location
    Maximizing the Benefit of Lens Depth of Field Scales
    If you are lucky enough to have lens with a DOF scale,  you may find they are more useful than you think.  In fact, much more practical than a chart.   A short tutorial.
    On Site
    Depth of Field Calculator An  interactive and printable depth of field chart for every focal length and format up to 8 x 10.   You  can select feet or meters. On Site
    Depth of Field Calculator Plus Depth of field calculator above plus definitions, examples and some explanation of depth of field On Site
    Filters in Black and White Photography A discussion of filters used in black and white photography plus a filter factor to f/stop calculator. On Site
    Filter Factor to F/Stop Calculator Calculator to convert filter factors to f/stops. On Site
    Simulation of Filter Effects
    An experimental page that allows you to view and compare filter effects.  Comments welcome.
    On Site

    Tool Description Location
    Matting Prints A general guide to mounting and matting photographs. On Site
    Absolute Center Calculator A calculator to determine the border widths to place a window at the absolute center of a mat. On Site
    Optical Center Calculator A calculator to determine the border widths to place a window at the optical center of a mat. On Site

    Tool Description Location
    Subject -- Light Source Distance Calculator A calculator for determining the subject  -- light source distance needed for a specified f/stop change. On Site

    General Photographic Reference
    Tool Description Location
    Full and Fractional F/Stops A table of f/stop in one-fourth increments. On Site
    Focal Length Conversion Table A table showing the equivalent focal length of different formats.  From "Camera Review" Off Site
    Care  & Maintenance of DSLR & Smartphone Cameras An excellent guide to cleaning lenses and sensors in DSLRs and Smartphones Off Site
    Sunrise Sunset Calendar  and Texas Locations A printable calendar showing sunrise, sunset, twilight and moon rise information for almost any location.  From "sunrise sunset.com" Off Site
    Evolution of Photography
    A good general reference on the basics of pinhole, film and digital photography.
    Off Site

    Darkroom Reference
    Tool Description Location
    Exposure Time for New Print Size Calculators to determine magnification and starting time for a new enlargement size. On Site

    Art  and Photography Instruction
    Tool Description Location
    Photographic Art Instruction A must for all aspiring photographic artists. On Site
    Simulated Camera An excellent learning tool for understanding exposure and the effect of f/stop changes on depth of field Off Site
    A couple of quizzes for beginning photographers
    On Site
    Digital Photography
    Techniques, tutorials and tips for digital photographers via links and pdf downloads.  A great starting place for beginning digital photographers.
    Off Site

    Tool Description Location
    Photography Log Printable form for recording exposure information for 35mm.  You download and then print a pdf file.  From "Explore Photography" Off Site
    Negative Exposure Record Sheets Same type form as above, but for large format.  Provides for recording Zone placement information.  From "Tranquility Images"  (Will download pdf file) Off Site
    Darkroom Notes Printable form for recording detailed printing information for a particular negative. On Site
    Horizontal Print Form A different version of the above form for horizontal prints.  Downloadable and printable pdf file.  From "Tranquility Images" (Will download pdf file) Off Site
    Vertical Print Form Same form as above but for (duh!) vertical images.. (Will download pdf file) Off Site
    Film Development Info. A printable  generic form for recording development information. On Site
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